New registration process for healthcare providers coming soon

There is a new process coming in late July for healthcare providers who wish to
register and connect to the My Health Record system.
It will be a more streamlined process, available through Health Professionals Online Service (HPOS), improving registration time. Before using this new registration process,
you will need to have a PRODA account, which can be created here.
Please note that if you have a Digital Health Online Form in draft status,
it must be submitted by 20th July to be actioned via the current process.
The ability to submit applications will be disabled on 21st July,
and must be completed via the new registration process in HPOS.

Apply Now (available until 21st July)

What is a HPI-O?

A HPI-O is a unique identifier for organisations that deliver healthcare, such as a general practice.

The Healthcare Identifiers Service is the national system for uniquely identifying healthcare providers, organisations and individuals (patients).

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What is the My Health Record system?

My Health Record is a secure online summary of an individual’s key health information. The My Health Record system gives registered healthcare provider organisations access to an individual’s My Health Record.

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What is a NASH PKI Certificate?

A National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a healthcare organisation whenever they access the My Health Record system.

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